Aero-Space Paint Remover & Aircraft Paint Removal

Aero-space paint removal & Airplane paint removal is a tricky job. For more than a decade, Stripco Authorized Contractors have effectively blasted whole airplanes, helicopters, and their various blades, airfoils, frames, & ribbing engine parts. There is not a better way to remove paint from rivets and hinges on aluminum than soda blasting. Sanding these areas just wears down the metal and can heat and distort the metal. It is because of the aircraft soda blasting service that aero-space products are able to have the paint removed from them without comprising the different metals used.

Airplane Paint Removal With Soda Blasting System

Aero-Space - Removing Airplane Paint

Removing an Imron type paint from an airplane hatch cover with our sodablast process without damaging the aluminum.

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