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Years of soot, oil grease, grime and just plain dirt can seep into concrete and other aggregate materials and make it look unsightly. Often times this situation can be down right dangerous. Parking lots can become slippery from oil dropped from cars and trucks. Sidewalks become matted with chewing gum and the like. It is because of these things that aggregate cleaning is so important. Pressure washing is not all that effective in tackling these problems, while soda blasting provides a much better solution. Get in touch with a soda blasting specialist that is ready to tackle your aggregate cleaning project, whether it be removing oil from the concrete driveway or cleaning up an entire parking lot.

Soda Blaster Removing Paint From Glass Windshield

Aggregate Cleaning - Black Paint Removal From Glass

Soda blasting paint from an automotive glass windshield without damage to the glass.

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