Industrial Equipment Cleaning - Industrial Equipment Paint Removal

Industrial equipment cleaning & industrial equipment paint removal are both services that every company with industrial equipment needs to think about at some point in time. Whether that means that a printing press is in need of repainting or an overhead crane is in need of non-destructive inspection, soda blasting the industrial equipment can provide the solution. When a company tries to cut capital expenditures, often they will choose to keep older equipment and refurbish it for a fraction of the cost of the replacement cost. Soda blasting offers solutions for these industrial equipment applications and for equipment being removed from closed manufacturing facilities. The opportunities to recycle industrial equipment have never been greater and in virtually all cases this equipment is more valuable if it has been properly cleaned and repainted. A properly trained soda blast contractor can be invaluable in this industrial equipment cleaning and paint removal process.

Industrial Gear Cleaning & Grease Removal With Soda Blasting Systems

Industrial Equipment - Grease Removal from Industrial Gears

This set of images shows these industrial gears before and after we cleaned them with our Stripco sodablaster.

Aluminum Cleaning With Soda Blasting Equipment

Industrial Equipment - Removing Aluminum Mill Scale

A dark coating is removed from aluminum to create a uniform look on heavy gauge aluminum

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