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Sodablasting is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are interested in owning your own business by becoming a successful Stripco® Authorized Contractor, we will assist you in getting started, refer business in your area to you, and provide technical support along the way. Our lead generation program provides an opportunity for our contractors to receive real time information for sodablasting opportunities in their area. We also invite our Authorized Contractors to participate in many of the events the Stripco® Coach attends. Our fully equipped Coach is designed to promote our Stripco® Authorized Contractors and whether attending your local Nascar race, SEMA, car show, boat show or other target rich event it acts as a mobile billboard to help secure your prosperous future. Join the Stripco® Team and come aboard. A large investment is NOT neccessary.

Stripco® has profitable applications for soda blasting you will find extremely valuable along with the exposure necessry to build a business. People often ask if they will be successful as a Stripco sodablasting contractor. The answer is…if you have ever been successful at anything else in your life, there is no reason you cannot be successful as a Stripco® Authorized Contractor.





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